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Eton College. Located near Windsor.

My story……..

‘Going Places, Broadening Horizons’ and perhaps I should add ‘Reaching the sky through travelling.’

I have a tourism background academically and therefore travelling and sight-seeing come naturally to me. I know the benefits of venturing out of one’s immediate environment, but never has this fact been driven home more to me than an incident that motivated my setting up pbdTravel International.

I got to Windsor Riverside and ‘ETON’ station whilst accompanying a friend to the annual St. George’s Lectures at Windsor Castle. Making a mental note of the word ‘ETON’ that day, I went on a Familiarisation Tour to Windsor and environs on another day. After touring Windsor castle and back at the station, I asked a passer-by where ‘ETON’ was.

I was lucky enough to have a mini tour of the grounds of Eton College, loved what I saw so much, I researched Eton College when I got home that evening and to cut a long story short, got to know of a scholarship for ‘ordinary boys’ in year nine.

I, an ordinary Ghanaian immigrant, put my son forward for this scholarship and got him an interview to such a prestigious college!!

My son did not make it at the interview though, but that he got to walk within the walls of Eton College where royalty and top politicians of UK society have sat was never in the plans, when as a family we moved from Ghana to the UK years ago.

That became possible because I ventured out of our Thamesmead and Woolwich environs into Windsor and into ‘ETON.’

What it did for my son was:

The creation of a quiet strength from within that it did not matter where one came from, they could aspire and move on to higher laurels.

We all need motivation to move on in life to higher laurels.

For my son, it was through venturing out of Thamesmead and Woolwich environs into Windsor and ETON!!

Please come with us and see more of London and the UK, and who knows what this may do for you? It may not get you into a sixth form or into ‘the’ ETON College, but it certainly will make you more tolerant of other communities and open your eyes to  opportunities which hitherto were nearby and yet seemed so out of reach!!