Robin Hood is a character known around the world through story telling, books, cartoons and movies as Nottinghamshire’s most famous son and the world’s favourite folk hero.

He is always associated with Nottingham and Sherwood Forest. Take some time out and learn  more about the legend of Robin Hood.

You can

  • explore landmarks associated with Robin Hood
  • enjoy other nearby attractions like Newstead Abbey, Creswell Crags and Maypole village of Wellow.
  • Go on a Robin Hood Town Tour with “Robin Hood” and discover how simple ballads over 700 years old grew into one of the greatest stories ever told.
  • explore Sherwood Forest, and see beautiful woodland, including Robin’s world-famous hideaway, the Major Oak.
  • Take part in one of many Robin Hood themed events.
  • Take a photo with the Robin Hood statue outside Nottingham Castle.